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Two types of client we typically work with

1. Chinese manufacturers with multiple DTC & B2C brands

  • Expand new distribution channel with Google SEO and diversify your reliance on Paid Ads. 
  • Drive direct and indirect organic traffic and sales to your eCom platforms.
  • Educate your target consumers before your competitors do with digital publishing. 

2. Multi-geo & lingual DTC & B2C platforms

  • Develop multi-geo & lingual SEO strategies that drive sign-ups, leads, and sales. 
  • Strategize and direct various organic traffic funnels (ToFu, MoFu, BoFu) across multiple web properties for optimal conversion. 
  • Channel brand equities to pages with the highest conversion value. 

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Proven Track Record

We have done it many times with our clients sites and personal sites. We can do it for you.

5K to 88K (+1,760%) monthly SEO traffic and growing for GameDayr.com

  • Generated $60K+ USD average monthly sales to various vendors through affiliate partnerships.
  • Featured on ESPN, Forbes, BBC, Bloomberg.
  • 90% U.S. search traffic, and 1,891 keywords rank on top 1 – 3 (Ahrefs).
  • 1/3 of the traffic is high buyer-intent, BoFu traffic.

632% Monthly SEO Traffic increased in 7 months - and growing for FiTivate.com

  • Generated 10,948 unique visitors starting from a brand new website.
  • No link building campaigns have been commenced during the period.
  • 89% of the traffic is New Visitor.
  • 317 keywords ranks on page 1, and 43 rank on position 1 – 3.

18K to 50K (+300%) monthly unique users in 10 months for DrWealth.com

  • Near doubled annual revenue to $1M through lead-gen focused SEO.
  • Acquired 1,000+ monthly average email subscribers.
  • Featured on DBS, SGX, Seedly, TechInAsia.
  • 76% SG search traffic, and 900+ finance keywords rank on top 1 – 3 (Ahrefs)

Why Choose us?

1. We’re highly selective

Existing clients trust us because they know we turn down projects where we do not see a good fit for us both. That means if we decide to take on the engagement, they can expect to see a dramatic return of investment.

2. We’re specialised

We develop deep SEO expertise and do not offer anything beyond our core expertise: deploying strategic SEO to drive organic traffic, leads generation and sales. That means you get what we do best.

3. We walk the talk

Unlike others, we run a portfolio of independent websites applying strategic SEO approaches that have produced results for us. That way you know you are getting what works, rather than theories or Google guidelines.

4. We’re culture aware

We are Chinese Singaporeans, we speak mandarin - and we understand US-China relations & both cultures well. Why engage someone who doesn’t speak your language to target consumers they have no experience with?

5. We focus on building long term relationship

No engagement means more to us than building a positive long term business relationship through sustainable value creation. We don’t often just work with a marketing director, but also their next organisations.

What others are saying

Hi there!

Thanks for taking an interest in my works. My name is Bowen Khong, and I’m a strategic SEO consultant based in Singapore. I’m an ex-Apple employee focusing on App. Store, and was the Head of Digital Marketing at Dr Wealth. First Singaporean SEO speaker, and panellist of Shenzhen SEO Conference 2019.

Over the past 5 years, I have built, grew, consulted, sold SEO-centric websites, and produced many successful SEO stories. I believe good SEO is bringing positive change, and perspectives to organisations in ways that are quite different from what they are used to or learnt. Only by adopting a new strategic lens, we can propel organisations to greater heights.

As an owner of Fractal Digital and multi-website portfolio, I keep abreast of the latest SEO Algomatic changes and development as well as ongoing exploration and testing of various innovative means to gain competitive advantage for our impact.

Further, I travel around the world and study from the best. I’m also part of many prominent SEO & content marketing communities worldwide including TrafficThinkTank, Affiliate Lab, Authority Hacker, Fat Stacks – which allow me to connect with other digital marketing experts.


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